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How much do you know about these two common steam solenoid valves?

1, the saturated steam temperature pressure is relatively stable, the temperature is lower than 250 ° C, the working pressure is lower than 1.6Mpa, for the first steam, we usually use the soft-sealed steam solenoid valve as follows:

(1)Structural characteristics: This valve is a pilot-operated secondary valve solenoid valve consisting of two major components: the auxiliary valve and the main valve. It is heat-resistant: the electromagnetic part, the special part of the seal is made of special high-temperature resistant electrical materials and sealing materials, and is applied. A variety of insulation measures are wearable.

(2) Material selection: The valve cup and the guide sleeve skillfully utilize the lubrication of the fluid to reduce wear and improve the life and resistance to condensation: the condensate of the steam pipe is an important factor affecting the action of the steam solenoid valve, and the valve is not affected by the condensed water. Use - Soft sealed steam solenoid valve.

(3) This series of solenoid valves can also be widely used in textile, printing, chemical, plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, building materials, machinery, electrical appliances, surface treatment and scientific research departments as well as bathroom, canteen, air conditioning and other automatic control systems.

2, superheated steam temperature pressure change base large temperature up to 400 ° C or more, working pressure is lower than 4.0MPa valve imported pump industrial washing machine for the second steam, we usually use hard-sealed steam solenoid valve as follows:

(1) Structural features The metal hard seal improves the service temperature and service life of the product.

(2) Material selection: The valve cup and the guide sleeve skillfully utilize the lubrication of the fluid to reduce wear and other uses - hard seal steam solenoid valve This product has a wide range of general media, which can be used for water, light oil, heavy oil, non-corrosive Fluids such as gases and vapors. For example, in the exhaust system of the suction pipe of the power station and the exhaust system of the evaporator, the two-position automatic adjustment and remote control are mainly performed on the medium in the pipeline.

(3) Working status: Normally closed type - Power on, power off and normally open type - Power off, power off.


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