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☆ ZCF-P Model Anti-corrosive Solenoid Valve Adding Flange and Quick fitting Types

ZCF-P-F/H series 2-way flange and quick fitting anti-corrosive solenoid valve  DN1540mm


Main technical parameters  

Woking mediumliquidacidalkali)、air          

Medium temperature-5  60 ℃

Enviroment temperature-10  50 ℃

Working pressure0.1  6 bar   

Working typepilot operatedNC  

Valvebody materialUPVC CPVC

Sealing materialVITON                                          

Connection typeflangequick fitting

Coil parameters:  slowly heating-up ES coil          

AC220-240V  AC110V   50/60Hz  9VA    DC24V  8W   IP65H degree

detailed specifications please refer to:

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