New Generation ES-series Low Power Energy Saving Solenoid Valve

valvebody material:brass 、SS304 interface thread:1/8"~2" flange DN15~200 working type:direct acting、 semi-direct acting、 pilot operated(NC NO) working pressure:0~250bar orifice size:φ1~200mm

ES-series low power slowly heating-up energy saving solenoid valve 

ES-series solenoid valve use bran-new low power coil,advantages:

1.Can use on AC/DC solenoid valve,not change original solenoid valves structure  

2.Maintain low power,only 20% of normal coil power

3.Slowly;heating-up;under long-time power-on working status

4.The coil’s temperature≤40℃, longer life time

5.Instant and strong;electromagnetic attraction, 3 times more powerful than normal coil,enhance max working pressure

6.No abnormal noise when using AC voltage

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