Gas Solenoid Valve

valvebody material:brass、SS304、cast iron interface thread:1/8"~2" flange DN15~100 working type:direct acting、 semi-direct acting(NC NO) working pressure:0~4bar orifice size:φ3~100mm

ZCM-series 2-way gas solenoid valve 1/8” ~ 2" DN3~100mm

working medium:gas、low pressure air                    

medium temperature:-5 ~ 60℃
working pressure:0~4 bar (details see specification table)   

working type:NC   DN3~6 direct acting  DN10~100 semi direct acting  
valvebody material:brass  SS304  cast iron            NO   DN3~50    
interface:G thread   NPT thread   flange            

sealing material:NBR
working voltage:AC220~240V  AC110V  50/60Hz   DC24V/12V     
DN3~6 AC 20VA DC 13W DN15~25mm AC 20VA DC20W DN32~50 AC45VA DC30W DN65~100 AC50VA DC30W
sealing materia: VITON   Rc thread      
Explosion-proof coil:flame-proof type ExdEllBT4   encapsulation type Exmbl/llBT4

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